Feel Good, Look Good: the hunt is on

I’m going on holiday. I ring my mum: “Is there anything you would like me to bring back?” “Yes.” she doesn’t miss a beat, “Face cream. 80+ The one for wrinkles.”

As my mum continues to tell me, now dropping back into Polish, “Trzeba dbac o siebie” – you’ve got to look after yourself.

In this section of Buildmumahouse I’m going to introduce you to some of the most interesting people working on anti-ageing and health over 40.

These are people I’ve met through my marketing and advertising work, some are friends, some I’ve heard about from friends and others that I am going to hunt down meet and introduce to you. Anti-ageing and living well for longer is a hot topic and there are so many new treatments and ideas, this is going to be interesting and helpful for all of us.

I’m 54, a carer, mum, wife, entrepeneur, blogger and my hunt is on for the latest beauty, fitness and nutrition ideas, treatments and products for anyone this side of 40.

Join me here at Buildmumahouse on my journey of discovery…


And in case you were wondering what on earth my mum was on about:

Polish face cream for 80+

Jola Piesakowska Buildmumahouse Perfect 80 plus face cream




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  • Reply Fannie January 19, 2017 at 6:39 pm

    That’s the perecft insight in a thread like this.

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