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July 2014

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Going Electric: Ovens

July 10, 2014

… it turns out after 60 years that its good bye to a gas oven that warms your calves after you lean down to open the door and hello to an electric oven with an easy reach grill.

After much debate about how an oven will fit into her new downsized life, my mum reckons she can put up with an electric oven; she will only use one occasionally, but most importantly, when the family visit, she can roast a chicken. So that’s how we came to the conclusion that she needed a full size oven, a half oven was a downsize too far.

Once we had established that we were going electric I had to consider what would fit in with my mum’s physical needs. And that’s how I came up with 3 things that I need to find in an oven to change her mind about cooking electric

  • install the oven at worktop height
  • an oven door opening side ways allowing full access to the oven
  • controls that are clear and easy to turn for her limited dexterity

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Super Juicing- the ABC recipe

July 3, 2014

When we’re all feeling run down or chasing aways colds I make the ABC juice every morning for a week. It really help us get back on our feet. Apples, Beetroot and Carrots with a dash of ginger for the brave.

Carrots for  vitamins C, A beta carotene (skin and mucus membranes), calcium. Beetroots for A, B6, C, iron potassium and magnesium its a superfood  with claims to be good for blood pressure management and it may help increase blood flow. Apples for A,Bs,C,E and even K as well as loads of minerals. My favourite extra, a shot of ginger which gives it all a spicy kick, chases away colds and eases my mum’s osteoarthritis with its anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.

Drink and enjoy – chomp don’t glug it straight down, your saliva will help start the digestive process off- releasing this powerful cocktail of vitamins and minerals.


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