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We will nearly all at some time find that we have reduced mobility or other physical challenges that might mean our living space would benefit from adaptation. An accident, illness or simply the passing of time can radically affect our outlook

…and more importantly our physical and domestic needs.

ROOMS is a brand new podcast that deals with issues of home design and architecture it explores how good, thoughtful design can empower people with mobility issues or disability. 

In ROOMS we will present one-to-one conversations, recorded on location in adapted homes with those who know the most about the challenges of making a home work for their needs and life – those who live there. Through these stories – which will be inspiring, frustrating, funny and unexpected – we will learn some of the key challenges, financial and personal, that our guests faced when adapting homes for their individual needs, that our guest faced when adapting homes for their individual needs, and how they managed to make those spaces reflect their personal style.

We will hear dramatic stories about the life-changing moment that an accident, a diagnosis,  or the passing of time, has irrevocably altered someone’s life, outlook and physical needs.

We will talk about our guests have had to face a new reality and fight for their independence.

We will also discover their emotional journeys in creating a home and a life that supports and nourishes them.

As well as users of adapted living space we will interview architects, interior designers, landscape designers, equipment suppliers and disability campaigners. Each will contribute their thoughts and expertise on domestic space

and how to make it truly accessible, life enhancing and flexible.

ROOMS will be hosted by producer Jola Piesakowska, and who has a particular interest in the challenges of adapting living spaces while keeping them stylish and homely.