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Fitted Wardrobe Ikea Hack!

November 9, 2015

From the start the architect designed bedroom to have fitted wardrobes along one wall. So what did we do when it came to building them? We hacked an Ikea Pax.

This is the story of our fitted wardrobe Ikea Hack. Ikea Pax is Ikea’s ‘You-choose-everything’ kind of wardrobe and that suited us down to the ground. Mum is less that 5 foot tall now and has restricted arm movement and all she wanted was low clothes rails. Ikea Pax is ideal for age proofing, its made to be customised, so this was an easy request to fulfil. Hinged doors for light opening, full length mirrors on the doors to view herself but also to reflect back light into the room. Door handles that are easy grip and she wanted space on top of the wardrobes for hat boxes, duvets and pillows.

We bought 4 Ikea Pax carcasses and 1 cheap white IKEA carcass, 4 hinged doors, 2×2 wood framing and skirting that matches the room.

Let the fitted wardrobe Ikea hack begin!

The first job was building the wardrobes we then built a plinth across the width of the room using 2×2 wood. This raised the wardrobe carcasses above the level of the skirting and left a strip wood effect showing to match the bed frame. Skirting that matches the rest of the room was attached to the front covering the plinth and some of the front of the carcasses.


The Hack

Now that the join to skirting was seamless and the wardrobe carcasses were in place we had a gap to the left as the room was too wide. To make the fitted wardrobes look fully integrated I selected a white side panel from the cheapest IKEA wardrobe carcass range and cut it to size. We placed the cut edge against the wall and finished it off with white caulk.

wardrobe wedge

4 hinged doors attached- and two of them mirrored, easy grip handles on the white doors and an easy-to-view storage space on top for hat boxes and duvets. All done!


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