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Super Juicing- the ABC recipe

July 3, 2014

When we’re all feeling run down or chasing aways colds I make the ABC juice every morning for a week. It really help us get back on our feet. Apples, Beetroot and Carrots with a dash of ginger for the brave.

Carrots for  vitamins C, A beta carotene (skin and mucus membranes), calcium. Beetroots for A, B6, C, iron potassium and magnesium its a superfood  with claims to be good for blood pressure management and it may help increase blood flow. Apples for A,Bs,C,E and even K as well as loads of minerals. My favourite extra, a shot of ginger which gives it all a spicy kick, chases away colds and eases my mum’s osteoarthritis with its anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties.

Drink and enjoy – chomp don’t glug it straight down, your saliva will help start the digestive process off- releasing this powerful cocktail of vitamins and minerals.


The ABC drink is based on apples so the proportions for 3 glasses or 1 litre are: 1 small bag of apples, half a bag of carrots, 1 large raw beetroot and a generous inch of ginger root. If you aren’t drinking the juice immediately store it in a Kilner jam jar or a sports bottle with a tight lid, fill almost to the brim and add lemon juice to slow down oxidisation.

Wash the apples and dry all the veg and fruit them store them in the salad tray of your fridge ready for a week of juicing. 7 beetroots, 6 bags of apples and 5 bags of carrots. I use Lakeland’s Fruit and Vegetable cushion it helps prevent bruising but more importantly keeps mould at bay.


There’s no need to cut the fruit up too much when you use a wide spout juicer like my old workhorse, I have the Breville 2 speed juicer, it’s now branded as Sage. The chute is wide enough for a whole apple, or a beetroot and you can shove 3 fruits or carrots in at a time. I love seeing how each ingredient forms a brightly coloured layer its so pretty.. and refreshing.

juice measure


My husband isn’t keen on ginger so I pour a glass off for him then add the fresh unpeeled ginger root. I like to drink my glassful with a large straw, stirring the drink as I go.

And one for my mum…I fill a sports bottle with an easy turn lid, to the brim to keep the juice as fresh as possible, squirt in a dash of lemon juice to slow oxidisation and on his way to work my husband drops it off at her house. juicingingsportbottle

My Top Tip: start running the washing up water when you start setting up the juicer, by the time you are finished juicing you can quickly do the washing up – scrub the filter first, then wash the clear plastic parts and finally the pulp container. Now relax and enjoy your ABC juice.

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